There’s a few girls walking by me. Giving me awkward smiles or saying “that’s cool” and “good for you”. Going to a Catholic school you’d expect that, I suppose… But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Someone needs to do something. Someone needs to remind them that yes, this is a very real community that they can’t ignore forever~

I’m extremely proud to be one of the tiny few girls doing this today.
Currently working on this in AP Art. Anyone wanna suggest color ideas? =v=
"Code, I fucking hate you."
"Aw, I love you too, Josh."

I am literally so happy with how this came out you don’t even know and dat background just ahhhhh. SO YEAH. These are my two idiots a.k.a. my best friends in the world.
I drew a cutie.

jrcmxtm said: Doodle me a medal since I didn’t get any

Josh asked for a medal but I didn’t know what he wanted it to say so I did this because he’s the best bunny in the whole wide world

Anyone want a doodle or something? c:

I love rainy nights
Help I cant stop drawing them